ACC Liverpool Emergency Procedures

  1. In the event of an emergency the following announcement will be made: “Attention please – attention please! We have an emergency within the building. Please leave by the nearest available exit! Do not use the lifts!”
  2. Please leave the building – follow all instructions given by ACC Liverpool staff.
  3. Do not wait to collect personal belonging (e.g. coats, handbags) and do not wait around for others.
  4. Do not run or panic – move swiftly, but calmly.
  5. Close the door if you are the last to leave the room you are in.
  6. Proceed to the assembly point on the piazza outside the restaurant near Jury’s Inn – this is necessary so everyone can be advised to return to the building when the emergency is over.
  7. Delegates with access requirements will be guided to the nearest refuse point by a venue steward, where they will receive further assistance.
  8. No one is to return to the building until official announcements have been made by ACC Liverpool.